Why Choose Us?

C & S is one of the fast growing companie in Bangladesh to be officially recognized for its quality management, compliance and testing procedures.
OUR GOAL: Perfecting the art of production
OUR ETHOS: Quality. Perfection. Passion
OUR APPROACH: Hands on motivated staff focus on supreme quality supported by innovative systems
OUR STRENGTH: Personalized service, attention to detail, time management, innovation in design and competitive pricing. Worldwide!

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Compliant & Sourcing Inc

“COMPLIANT & SOURCING INC” is a global sourcing company in Bangladesh in the field of ready made garments industry. We deal with reputed and quality suppliers for all our sourcing and manufacturing of various categories of garments. Our state of the art set up and dedicated trained professionals gives our buyers a head start from the initial sampling to the final shipment and we work according to the requirements of the clients. We believe in quality service and we understand ON  TIME .

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Contact Us:

House#73,Road#2,Block-A, Nikatan,Gulshan-1 ,
Dhaka -1212,Bangladesh.
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Web: www.compliant-sourcing.com
Phone: +88-02-9897620
Mobile: +880-1767-695011

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Compliant & Sourcing
House#73, Road#2,
' + 'Dhaka-1212 , Bangladesh.
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Our Service:

- Sourcing Factories
- Design & Pattern
- Sample Development
- Embellishment Development
- Factory evaluation
- Logistic Support
- Accessories development
- Consulting


T-shirt, Polo Shirt, Athletic wear, Tank Top, Sleeping suit etc. Fabrication details: Signal Jersey Knit, Pique Knit, Interlock Knit, Microfiber Wicking Technology Moisture Breathable UPF Knit, Rib Knit, Terry Knit, Fleece Knit, Jacquard Knit, Yarn dyad stripe Knit, Feeder stripe Knit, Engineered Stripe Knit etc.

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Jacket, Parka, Coat, Basic/Padded Shirt, Sweatshirt, Hoodie, Vest, Skirt, Basic/Cargo Pant/Shorts, Denim Wear, Sports Wear, Uniforms (School, Security, Medical, and Corporate Wear), Work wear (Coverall & Overall), High Visibility Wear, Camo Fledge Hunting Wear for Children, Women's & Men's.

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Pullovers, Cardigan, Sweaters, Jumpers etc. Fabrication details: Acrylic, 100% Cotton (Comb, Card), Wool etc all Yarn. Any GG: 3 GG, 5 GG, 7 GG, 10 GG, 12 GG.

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Natural Denim,Polycore Denim,Ring-spun Denim,Ring-Ring Denim,Ring Denim,Bull Denim,Dual Ring Spun,Black-Black denim,Open End Denim,Over Twisted Denim ,Printed Denim,Reverse Denim,Pinto Wash Denim.

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